About us


At Stepping Stones, we believe that childhood, particularly the early years, is a very precious time. Our philosophy is that, in order for children to succeed and be successful in whatever they decide to pursue, they need to be healthy, happy, secure and have a defined sense of feeling valued.

As a nursery school, we have the privileged and possibly unique opportunity to combine our children’s natural state of development-that is, their genuinely uninhibited curiosity to explore and to ask  questions without a fear of ‘getting it wrong’.


Through our planned teaching activities which allow children to ‘learn through doing’ and for them to feel able to offer ideas or explanations that value their own ideas,  we aim to instil in our children a love for learning and self-confidence in themselves as individuals. Our over-riding aim is that our approach will help prepare children for transition to primary school and eventually for life. As teachers, we have a duty to instil in children a love for learning which we sincerely hope will stay with the children into adulthood.